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  1. Hi I got a hybrid ridgeback bicycle there recently the beginning of the summer not in your store. I rented out some bikes while on holidays, and just felt other bikes seem much more effortless in cycling, I just feel Im peddling excessively and making very little progress and yes I am in the right gears just other bikes to cycle seem less hard work. Its in very good condition, I love cycling and I intend joining a cycling group but I cant see myself being able to keep the pace with the current bike I have, I would be very interested in trading it in for another one thanks.

    Kind Regards, Kathleen.

  2. hi ive a la pierre full carbon francaise de juex, its been my bike for few yrs however ive joined a club and need a bike tthat fits me , its a 53 cm but im 5 ft 2 so i have a great spin but shoulders kill me after cycling, pity i didnt know more when buying.
    ive tried a girl in club scott for wk end and i loved it 49 cm, ladies , full carbon and id love one please keep me in mind and if i could trade in?, thanks monica

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